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Dear Sir/Madam, 

It continue the subscription to Andral Magazine –

the bimonthly culture and politic Magazine.

The price of a subscription is 48 EURO,

including the Post fees. 

Please note your post address. 

For the contacts + 359 2 920 36 64      and + 359 896 204 606 

Write us to e-Mail

If you do not know the Magazine, you can take a look at (Periodicals, Bulgaria, Andral) 

Our Bank account is: 

UniCredit Bulbank

SWIFT/Bank Identifier Code /BIC/: UNCRBGSF

Bulgaria, Sofia

Andral Foundation 

Account IBAN: BG69 UNCR 9660 1035 4042 10 

With the Compliments of

Savcho Savchev, editor of Andral Magazine

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